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RadCalc 7.1 provides Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition or Monte Carlo based algorithm modules that deliver fast, easy, and accurate 3D Dose Volume verification for most commonly used treatment planning systems.

Utilizing a patient’s planning CT for calculations; RadCalc’s 3D functionality offers verification for 3D, IMRT, VMAT, and SRS/SBRT plans. Dose throughout the treatment volume is verified with RadCalc thus increasing patient safety and plan quality by enhancing your ability to more accurately verify complicated treatment plans. RadCalc is compatible with Elekta, Siemens, and Varian® machines.

RadCalc’s 3D functionality includes RadCalcAIR (Automated Import & Report) providing a fully automated process with Percent difference, DVH, Gamma, Distance to Agreement analysis tools. RadCalc’s fully automated process immediately alerts you to plans that fail to pass your pre-set Gamma Analysis acceptance criteria. Additionally, RadCalc automatically checks whether DVH objectives are met for critical structures using both the TPS and RadCalc’s 3D dose. Any number of DVH protocols can be loaded and compared to one another from one analysis screen within RadCalc. Analysis reports are automatically attached to your verified plan and sent to your workstation via email or to a directory of your choice on your server.

For complete details download our RadCalc 3D Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo Modules Brochure.



MKT-029 Rev: A

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