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On March 11, 2019 Version Gamma Knife® verification module

A new licensed option in version is our Gamma Knife verification module, available as a purchasable add on module for current users, or as part of a package for new RadCalc clients.  For full details, please view our Gamma Knife Brochure.

Release of TomoTherapy® verification module in version

On March 28, 2018, LSI announced that a new version of RadCalc, version, is available. RadCalc clients who have an up to date maintenance renewal are being provided instructions on how to download and install this latest version. Included in this release is a new TomoTherapy® verification module available as a purchasable licensed option for current users or as part of a package for new RadCalc clients.

For a complete list and detailed description of all of the changes, please login to the Customer Area of our website and download the change log from the My Institution page.

Coming Next: Calendar Year 2019

On July 12th, 2017 we announced our acquisition of Math Resolution’s Assets including Dosimetry Check. Our plans are to incorporate all of Dosimetry Check’s dose calculation functionality into the current RadCalc fully automated platform. This expanded QA platform will provide all of RadCalc’s core dose verification and 3D Dose Volume for Brachytherapy functionality while adding a new 3D Dose Volume suite that includes support for conventional linac and TomoTherapy®, EPID based patient Pre-treatment and Exit-Transit dose for In-Vivo dosimetry as well as its 3D dose volume verification package that utilizes a collapsed cone convolution/superposition algorithm dose engine.

The combined QA Software Package will include the first fully automated Pre-Treatment and 3D In-Vivo Exit dose verification software and provides a complete suite of 3D Dose Volume verification analysis tools which include Image Analysis and EPID based measurement functions. Our goal is to release the Dosimetry Check integrated products in the following order: *RadCalc 3D TPS 2nd Check within the second quarter of 2019 and *RadCalc 3D EPID by the end of the fourth quarter of 2019.  The 3D EPID functions are currently available for sale in the form of Dosimetry Check. Dosimetry Check users will be automatically upgraded to the fully automated RadCalc 3D platform when released at no extra charge with an active maintenance contract.  Contact our sales department for more information about purchasing Dosimetry Check software from LifeLine Software.

On July 24th we announced our acquisition of Radify Monte Carlo QA Technology from McGill University. The integration of the Radify technology will immediately improve accessibility to the significant advantage of Monte Carlo accuracy in clinical settings, specifically for verifying photon, electron, and proton treatment plans. We hope to have a beta version out in 2019, and after filing and receiving the appropriate regulatory clearances, we anticipate releasing a new RadCalc module that will provide fast and accurate 3D Monte Carlo Dose Volume verification for photon and electron calculations during the second half of 2019. We will provide more detailed information on our website when we are closer to a release date.

*Not Available For Sale Within The United States - Work in Progress


MKT-007 Rev: D

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