We are pleased to announce that a Beta version of RadCalc Version 5.2 Build 1 has been released today to a test group of clients. After the test period is completed, it will be available to all clients who have an active service contract. If you have an active service contract, you will receive an email announcing the availability of the new release either by download or by mail.

This version of RadCalc will provide enhanced features. These will include the following:

1. The ability to perform compensator based IMRT plans has been added.
2. Many requested preferences in Physics setup regarding machine configuration.

3. Profile data in the nonwedged direction can be added to RadCalc. It will then be used to improve the calculation of off axis factors in the nonwedged direction.

4. The maximum leaf travel can be entered on the MLC Info tab. This value will be used to verify that a patient’s IMRT plan does not contain a treatment field that exceeds this value. This check will be performed when the plan is opened.

5. Separate dose rates for IMRT and nonIMRT beams can now be entered on the Photon Energies tab. These are used for time calculations when exporting to a verify and record system.

6. Checksums have been added to verify the integrity of each physics data file. Users can be specified to receive a notification that a change has taken place to the physics data. This notification will be provided when the user logs into RadCalc.

A new printout has been added that will print the MU calculations in more of a summary format along with a summary of the number of beams that meet a specified pass/fail criterion. This is being added for CyberKnife users because of the large number of beams involved in the calculations.

1. The Open Patient Calculation window can be automatically opened after importing patient plans. This is an option on the import window.

2. The RTP Import can be closed automatically after the import is complete. This is a checkable option on the import window.

1. The number of decimals exported to a verify and record system can now be specified in Institution Setup on the VandR System Setup tab.

2. Exporting electron beams to a verify and record system for an Elekta machine can now be handled better. Elekta requires the export of the word SQUARE for the cone name and the number 1 for the field defining aperture. This can be configured on the Electron Cones tab in Physics Setup. The VandR label for each cone will need to be changed to SQUARE and the option to export the field defining aperture needs to be checked. The number 1 will need to be entered in the text box next to this option.

We, at LifeLine Software, greatly appreciate our customers and their continued support of our company. We will continue to strive to meet and exceed your needs for an independent monitor unit and point dose verification system.

Lifeline Software, Inc., is a privately held software company servicing radiation oncology centers worldwide. LSI provides RadCalc®, the first FDA cleared quality assurance software for independent Dosimetric calculation verification.

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