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We are pleased to announce our release of RadCalc QA software version

This release primarily supports our new Subscription Based purchase model*, but also includes point dose verification for MR-linacs such as Elekta’s Unity and ViewRay’s MRIdian. Other additions are enhancements to our RadCalc AIR (Automated Import and Report) functions as well as additional options for Monte Carlo calculations.

RadCalc provides 4 new subscription packages, three of them include 3D Dose Volume algorithms utilizing either Monte Carlo, Collapsed Cone, or both. Each package is TPS vendor independent and can be customized to meet your specific clinical needs. RadCalc’s Monte Carlo package provides improved accuracy for Small targets surrounded by lung heterogeneities, Targets near large air cavities, Superficial targets, and High dose/low fraction cases.

We also provide independent point dose QA solutions that are fast, easy, and accurate including options to add Gamma Knife, TomoTherapy, and Brachytherapy support. Upfront subscription fees are priced at 70% less than traditional upfront license fees. A lower initial investment helps increase accessibility, especially during challenging budget times.

Eclipse TPS users will be happy to learn that RadCalc’s ROI module resolves Effective Depth and ROI Density issues. 3D dose volume modules provide even more accuracy. Utilizing RadCalc AIR (Automated Import & Report), you can automatically see with RadCalc’s Dose Analysis Reports and Tools if your plan passes or fails.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Manageable and transparent subscription fee
  • Packages that meet your actual QA needs
  • Vendor independence
  • Up-to-date software for best performance

Subscription features provided include

  • Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Configuration**

* Subscription packages available within the US and Canada

** 2 Linacs included unless 3D Unlimited package is chosen (any number)

For more details and a demonstration, please contact our sales team. Also, check out our RadCalc YouTube channel for videos of our latest 3D Dose Volume module releases. We are ready to build a customized subscription package that meets your specific needs.

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