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If you are attending the virtual ASTRO 2020 show, we have a special invitation for you.

We encourage you to make plans to visit our VIRTUAL booth under the LAP company logo and attend one of our 4 identical QA Software presentation sessions that will provide information regarding our latest RadCalc QA software verification packages that include our released 3D Platform.

 RadCalc Shiny 179x53  LAP Logo

Some highlighted demos to see include RadCalc 3D Dose Volume packages utilizing Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo algorithms that are currently available for purchase. A couple highlights include how to commission Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo for your RadCalc (Hint: it’s easy!) and review our dose analysis tools available within RadCalc.

You can also request demonstrations of RadCalc’s other modules such as TomoTherapy and Gamma Knife.

To attend, please visit the ASTRO meeting website (Exhibit Hall Link) and click on the LAP Company logo, or simply click this link to be taken directly to our virtual booth. Once in our virtual booth, you can request information by clicking on one of our RadCalc representatives to set up a virtual chat room or you can participate in one of the scheduled live presentations on the SHOWCASE list.

We look forward to seeing you at ASTRO. If you are not attending, then feel free to contact our sales team for more information or visit our RadCalc YouTube Channel to see recorded videos of our latest RadCalc releases including our 3D modules.

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you, your staff, and patients with RadCalc.

 RadCalc Race Car w RadCalc logo on Tail Fin

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