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Beta Testing Begins Today of RadCalc 3Dmc version utilizing Monte Carlo 3D dose volume QA technology acquired from McGill University Inventors

Austin, TX, September 10, 2019 - We are pleased to announce that RadCalc version 7.1 with the Monte Carlo 3D module has been released for beta testing today to members of the beta testing team. The Monte Carlo 3D module utilizes technology acquired from the McGill University inventors.  This release of *RadCalc 3Dmc is the second of three 3D Dose Volume second check QA packages. We anticipate completion of the Beta test in four weeks. An announcement of the final release date will be provided on our website and by email when available for purchase.

RadCalc 3Dmc utilizes the BeamNRC based Monte Carlo dose calculation engine providing independent, fast, easy, and accurate 3D Dose Volume verification for most commonly used treatment planning systems. The RadCalc 3Dmc beta release is compatible with Varian® and Elekta machines.  Support for additional treatment machines will be available in the near future.

Monte Carlo is widely recognized as the gold standard dose calculation method. The most challenging clinical cases involving highly heterogeneous structures are analyzed with the highest accuracy and confidence. Flexible implementation options allow users to combine the uncompromised accuracy of a Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm with the levels of speed and productivity that allow busy radiation departments to meet their workflow needs.

RadCalc 3Dmc includes RadCalc AIR (Automated Import & Report) providing a fully automated process with Percent difference, DVH, Gamma, and Distance to Agreement analysis tools at your fingertips. RadCalc 3Dmc’s fully automated process immediately alerts you to plans that fail to pass your pre-set criteria.

For example, RadCalc 3Dmc automatically checks whether DVH objectives are met for critical structures using both the TPS and RadCalc 3Dmc dose. Any number of DVH protocols can be loaded and be compared to one another from one analysis screen within RadCalc 3Dmc. Analysis reports are automatically attached to your verified plan and sent to your workstation via email or to a directory of your choice on your server.

Demonstrations will be available at the LAP ASTRO booth 1027. Our contact information is provided below. We look forward to serving you soon with RadCalc 3Dmc when released.

RadCalc 3Dmc* is not yet available for sale in the United States.

Lifeline Software, Inc., of Tyler, Texas, is now part of LAP servicing radiation oncology centers worldwide. LSI provides RadCalc®, the first FDA cleared quality assurance software for independent IMRT treatment plan verification. RadCalc® offers a more efficient process for MU and dosimetric verification by utilizing interfaces with existing RTP and Verify and Record systems.

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