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LifeLine Software, Inc. is pleased to inform you that a new version of RadCalc (version is now available. We are currently sending out an email announcement to all of our RadCalc clients who have an up to date maintenance renewal that provides instructions on how to download and install this latest version.

Below is just a sample of the numerous features and benefits that are available to all RadCalc clients who have an up to date maintenance renewal.  For a complete list and detailed description of all of the changes, please login to the Customer Area of our website and download the change log from the My Institution page.

TomoTherapy Calculation Support: 

The support for TomoTherapy calculations remains available for beta testing only and there are currently no printed reports for the TomoTherapy verifications because of this.  We are looking for users willing to utilize the TomoTherapy calculations in RadCalc so that we can make sure it performs properly and meets everyone’s expectations.  A reference document, TR-16, is available from the FAQ and Technical Resources page in the Customer Area of our website or by contacting our technical support team and requesting a copy at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please review this document if you are interested in beta testing the TomoTherapy calculations.

3D Dose Volume Brachytherapy:

  • Gamma, Distance to Agreement, and Percentage Difference analysis of 3D dose volumes.
  • Streamlined layout change to separate plan related items from analysis related items while also providing access to commonly used items such as ROIs, Points, Isodose information, and display options.
  • LDR calculations now allow the ability to utilize more than one source model in a calculation.

Image Analysis:

  • Support of more dose map and fluence map formats for Image Analysis. These include RT Dose files from Eclipse/ARIA and DICOM exported Dose Map files from Pinnacle.
  • EPID image files can now be imported into RadCalc using the DICOM RT format.
  • Various tools were added providing the ability to scale, shift, rotate, and flip the images horizontally or vertically.

RTP Import:

  • Rules based processing on imported plans was added allowing pre-defined DVH Protocols, IsoLevel sets, and/or Printout Templates to be applied during import. This feature is intended to simplify the process of performing a 3D dose comparison and will help to fully automate the process of performing 3D dose calculations when using RadCalcAIR.
  • Some enhancements were made to the DICOM import for Brachytherapy calculations allowing the dose to calculation points to be imported if the Referenced Dose Reference Coefficient information is provided. This applies to Varian’s VariSeed product.
  • Some modifications were made specifically to handle some of the unique DICOM implementations of the OnCentra Prostate TPS.


  • The ability to create custom printout templates for attachment to calculations
  • A Treatment Schedule Summary printout option was added for brachytherapy plans that contain a treatment schedule. This report provides a concise summary for each treatment date and time that includes the total time for each applicator as well as a decay factor to indicate the fractional increase in delivery time.

Verify and Record Export:

  • The ability to export plan information via DICOM RT has been added. The main purpose of this feature is to allow users to export information to ARIA.

Diode Calculations:

  • Multiple diode readings for each beam can be added and individually approved.
  • A summary printout of all diode readings can be printed.
  • In the calculation preview, SSD values for diode readings are now displayed along with the measured by and approval information for each diode.

Superficial Calculations:

  • Dose action levels for superficial calculations were added.


RadCalc AIR (Automated Import & Reporting):

Automation Improvements:

  • Rules based processing was added in order to automatically assign DVH Protocols and Isodose Line sets to an imported calculation.
  • Printout templates can be defined for Special Physics Consults and any other purpose. Using rules based processing; these templates can automatically be assigned to a calculation upon import.

If you would like to learn more about version and the TomoTherapy module, please contact our sales department for more information.

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